Persuasive, prepared, and patient…

Back in 2015, during practice 195, jmo made a very strong argument for taking direction toward learned optimism. He had just read the book and was busy applying the principles. He wanted to share his learning with his teammates. In BTL team practice, just like in life, we don’t often have control over circumstance or other people. Jmo had a good argument but we went a different direction. He was prepared. He had to remain patient.

Yesterday, during practice 211, jmo got his wish. We took he and his team a bit deeper into learned optimism. He didn’t get frustrated. He kept showing up and doing his thing. When we finally aligned with where he wanted to go, he was ready. Yesterday, jmo led by choice with Choice. He led the Choice team through some great content. The melody line to his learning was freakin’ magic. Jmo shared the key to learning optimism is not in memorizing the A,B,C’s or even the D & E’s. The magic, he shared, is in catching his negative self talk early and changing it. He’s not alone. The world we live in is filled with adversity. Always has been. Always will be. The key learning is around how we deal with. Jmo is catching his little voice a bit earlier. Good.

Thanks for another great practice, Team Choice. And, jmo, thanks for sharing your learning and for being an example of a leader with patience – thanks for waiting sixteen practices before we heard your argument. Leaders are believers and connectors. Leaders are persuasive, prepared, and patient. Good…

1 thought on “Persuasive, prepared, and patient…

  1. I don’t know if I can reply to this message. But I hope it gets to you. I really think for our next practice that we should bring up the study by Dr. Masaru Emoto, on how our thoughts affect water at the molecular level, and our bodies are 60% water, thus what can our thoughts do to us?! When I saw this in What the Bleep?! Down the rabbit hole… it changed my life!! Chad and I have talked about this more than once! “Arguing with myself” Is what I called it, and thats why I happy to hear you say it in practice yesterday!

    Thank you, Kyra Jones

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