Stamp your authority…

Today, during a real, hard, practice with a team I believe in, I spoke very ccd with regard to how you work with a bully. You do not use reason. You do not use logic. You do not use curiosity. You do not run. You do not cave. You do not respond in anger. You, instead, learn to stand.

And, as you stand, you develop the habit of “stamping your authority” on them instead of allowing them to stamp theirs on you. The world of work is filled with bullies dressed up in all form and fashion. If you find yourself being bullied, do not respond with fear fueled anger. Stamp your authority on them and remember your authority is always stamped with truth – truth in love. Stamp your authority with love – love of your labor and love of what’s best for your team. Anyone can get even. The few, the strong, the BTL, stamp their authority with love. Be one of these few.


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