Belief,second nature, and doing good…

Last week, a client of mine shared a speech he gave recently at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He volunteers there every week and is loyal to his self authored opus which centers on his fight against cancer. He is a work in process and he’s inspired me in a few months time of working together like none other. I asked him if I could publish his letter on the BTL blog and he agreed. Here it is. I hope you read it and let his message and belief in…

“During Tyler’s fight, I sometimes cried to God from my knees, and other times cursed Him from the roof of the hospital.  My faith was destroyed, but then re-emerged in a new and wonderful way. Some people from my church have been very critical of the blunt and unfiltered way I speak with God, but I believe God is big enough to handle our doubts and questions. I also suspect that He understand how it feels to watch as your own son faces death. It seems there are only two possibilities.  We are either here by random accident, or we were created on purpose. I believe it’s the latter.  I also believe that, if The Almighty went to all the trouble to create an entire universe, and place us in it, He probably wants us to do something worthwhile. I think truth is found in three questions. Who is God? Who am I? Why am I here? It is in the intersection of these questions that God lives.

I have not rejected God.  I reject the religion of acceptance and inaction.  It is a man-made religion based on the fear of the unknown.  If I am to be content in all things, and just accept the world as it is, then why do I need God? Complacency is easy, and doesn’t require anything from God. If all I wanted were some comfort, and a little help in forgetting troubles of the world, I wouldn’t seek God. I’d seek Jack Daniels. It’s easy, fast, and has no strings attached. Too many people seek a faith without risk, a faith without action. They pray for change, but deny that they must change. They pray for answers, but are afraid to be the answer. They hear the cries for help, but remain in their cushioned pews, as their asses grow numb, and their souls slowly die. I prefer to believe in the impossible.  I believe that God is more than just a cosmic version of Tennessee Whiskey for the soul.  God lives in us and through us. He is the passion that drives us to fight for the weakest, poorest, and youngest. He calls us to break through barriers, take risks, and pursue the impossible. He calls us away from the comfortable, and into the unknown.

We must never wait on God.  He is already here, and is waiting on us. The only path to immortality is to fight for things that last into eternity. We can all change the world. We actually have the power to save the life of a fellow human being. How incredibly awesome it that? My goal is very simple. I want to do the impossible. I want to save these kids, and eradicate cancer from the earth before I die. It will not be easy. Big challenges require hard work, and impossible ones are a little harder.  However I believe in God, so my goals should be worthy of God, and worthy of eternity.

So what about you? Will you run from mediocrity, and embrace the impossible? Will you use your precious life to change the world? The power of God is in you, and waiting. Are you willing? Many of us are already doing it, and there is room for one more.

That is my new religion.”

My client gave his speech to 250 folks at Children’s. The Hospital has already received over 75 written requests for a copy of the speech. My client didn’t think it was very good. My client is building a second nature and focused on doing good. What about you?




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