Cool and caring…

The best leaders combine the virtues of a surgeon with the virtues of a preacher. Huh? Here’s what I mean, friend. Surgeons operate with precision. They think one and done. In other words, they make cuts the right way, the first time, hopefully, everytime. Surgeons are technically skilled.

Preachers understand the human heart is hurting even when healthy. Preachers understand it’s not enough to tell the team once or twice a life giving truth. Preachers are masters at repeating, rinsing, and reminding. So, virtuous preachers, like MLK, just keep repeating the message to a hurting world about something civil and something right.

Most of my clients think one and done – like a surgeon. Precise. Focus on performance. Got it. Humans, however, want to be led by a man/woman who is both strategically competent (like a surgeon) and empathetically connected (like a passionate preacher). Surgeons act with clarity and perform under pressure. Preachers act with compassion and perform with feelings. Surgeons are cool. Preachers are caring.

Today, remember, your team wants you to be both – Surgeon and Preacher. Do you need to master your craft technically or master your caring? You most likely tend toward the technical or the relational. Transformational leaders are both technical and relational. Build both, friend. Build both. Good…

2 thoughts on “Cool and caring…

  1. This is simplicity in its most useful and elegant, Chet. Like a surgeon, you’ve cut once and it’s right.

    Do you remember my obsession with what I call the “Core Four?” They are Character, Competence, Clarity, and Connection. So often, Competence substitutes for or competes with Connection, as gifted leaders rely on their own gifts too much. You have reminded us again of the often paradoxical truth of “both/and” not “either/or.”

    Well done. Thank you.

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