Replace worry with work…

We are a nation of worriers. Every time I turn around, some family, friend, or client is dealing with either their own anxiety or the anxiety of one close to them. We are making more and more trips to the urgent care, hospital, and doctors office for anxiety disorders. This has become epidemic.

Today, during practice 179, a young lady made a searing comment to me and her teammates regarding her learning from practice 178. You see, practice 178 focused on changing our explanatory style, changing the little voice in our head. She said she has made a simple discovery that helps immensely. When she begins to worry, she catches herself and replaces the worry with work. She transitions from thinking to action. Instead of ruminating and chewing the cud, she stops the worry train dead on the rails. She replaces worry with work. Good.

Imagine how much more productive you can be when you do the same. Replace worry with work. Frankee agreed. The reason he’s able to get so much done in a normal work day is because he frees his mind from worry by working on his “flight plan” so to speak. He puts his checklist of priorities together and starts knocking them out. We finished practice 179 with a glimpse into the mind of a golfer, Baggar Vance. We watched him let go of his burden and see his target with crystal clarity. What once seemed so far away, with his mind cluttered with the worries of the world, now appeared right in front of him. His virtuous coach simply helped him remember who he is, what kinda swing he was born with, and eliminate the negative thoughts and replace them with a searing one – hit it with all you’ve got.

Today whatever is worrying you, put it to rest. Close the file in your head. Get on with it. Finish it. Let it go. You decide. We are not designed to become a nation of worriers. Worrying isn’t what got us here and worrying won’t get us where we want either. Working will. Keep working, friend. Keep working. Keep working. And, Goalie, we missed you today. You keep working, young Nurse. No worries, just work. Keep working.

Replace worry with work. Good…

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