Another 5X performer…

Don’t get infatuated with process and systems, my friend. High performers never reflect back at their performance gains and attribute them to their new fit bit, their new performance management system from Asanaboobonna, or from some new silver bullet they gleaned from a sweet article they read on some social site of their choosing.

High performers are inspired from within to do another rep, make another call, ask another question, and dig a bit deeper to find an answer regardless the acute pain in the process. Wanna better team? Grind through your recruiting and training process. Slowly recruit and build a few more high performers in your system. Focus here. Nothing motivates the mediocre middle like a couple they can’t quite catch. Get a few more of those around your labor of love. Create space by getting rid of a few you know aren’t ever gonna make you better. Good.

Management systems are good. They are designed to hold those accountable who won’t do so on their own. These systems are a necessary evil. Don’t buy the lie that they are gonna provide the jumps in your systems performance. Systems keep your system straight – people, the right ones, provide the bursts. Fact. A few more high performers are the only way to jolt your system forward. Get yourself focused here. Focus on hiring and building a few 5X performers. So much harder to measure, to understand, and to sustain.

Yes, my friend, leadership is that tough. Look within. Build yourself ¬†into a tougher, stronger, and more tender leader. You won’t find another 5X performer in your system if you haven’t found the first. Mass attracts mass, remember. You, most likely, are the problem…

1 thought on “Another 5X performer…

  1. Good stuff Toto. Was reminded today of the scorecard the Buckeyes football team uses to get its helmet stickers. The coach sets a HIGH bar for earning one, then challenges his elite performers to rise above and bring others along. His management system assistants do the tracking ONLY of what he values. OPUS focus….

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