I recently practiced with someone being led by a tyrant. He won’t last long – high performers never stay for long when their “leader” seeks compliance. Leaders, you see, don’t want a compliant team. Leaders build a committed one.

Tyrants talk “my way or the highway.” Leaders talk “my way is the highway.” Tyrants don’t listen to your ideas or mine. Leaders listen to all kinda ideas on their way to finding the optimal way forward. Tyrants see strength within their team as a potential threat. Leaders see strong teammates and smile as they make them do what they can. Tyrants, by their very nature, trust next to nobody. Leaders trust first. Tyrants thirst for power, prestige, and prominence. Leaders are like a cool drink to the thirsty.

Tyrants talk threats. Leaders talk truth. Tyrants broadcast threats. Leaders broadcast love. Tyrants singlecast selectively and change the message based on the single they’re slinging toward. Leaders singlecast tough news to the individual who needs to hear it. Tyrants have tons of scripts to recall based on who they’ve trusted with what. Leaders speak from their heart, scriptless. Tyrants turn their team into turtles hiding beneath an ever hardening shell. Leaders turn their team into ONE, distinct and deeply connected. Tyrants, by their very nature, create unproductive rebellions from within. Leaders create productive fights to improve performance. Tyrants hoard information. Leaders share without fear. Tyrants use their power to keep the team in it’s place. Leaders believe the word power should be reserved for weightlifting and boating. Tyrants divide. Leaders unite. Tyrants conquer. Leaders free. Tyrants get exactly the kinda team they deserve; Leaders, the same.

What kinda team Y.O.U. building…

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