Will. Power. Good…

Herman and Mack, a couple research psychologists whose research is found in the book titled Willpower, coined a phrase that describes many of us. When we’ve blown a commitment we’ve made to ourselves whether it’s a diet, drink, drug, or a dirty deed of any sort, we tend to say to ourselves, “What the hell.” Herman and Mack, not surprisingly, coined this the “What the hell effect.” Once you say this in your head,the gluttony, the 6th drink, and the affair all transpire as your unrestrained impulses run wild. Virtue, you tell yourself, will jumpstart in the morning. Funny, virtue always starts now…

Want to stick to your disciplines, whatever they are?

Set up “bright boundaries” that your mind cannot miss. Nothing to eat after 8pm and one cheat meal, is a bright boundry. Set up yourself to be monitored. Texting your truth teller when you cheat is a form of monitoring. Dealing with tough questions is another. And, realize that you and I don’t break old habits. We wire up new ones that are better. And, this always take time. Lots of time. The most disciplined people on the planet spend very little time exercising their willpower. They invest their willpower in building bright boundries so they don’t have to. You see, in your mundane moments of truth, in your mega ones, in all those tough transition moments, and even in the worst of the worst where you have time on your hands, the best among us pre-load the response. The elite pre-load their bright boundary. Will. Power. Good…

Where do you crave more discipline in your life? Why do you want this? What are the patterns to your problem? What are their roots? How are you establishing bright boundaries for yourself? How are you monitoring yourself? Who is holding you accountable? What have you pre-loaded as your response to your most challenging?

Tell me more, my friend. Tell me more…

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