Real strength knows…

Real strength knows it’s place. Real strength knows it’s place is primarily to absorb. You see, when you and I come alongside someone possessing real strength within, we universally do not feel less but more. Real strength understands how fleeting the feeling and instead of parading his/her presence, she quietly absorbs more than her share of the pain. Real strength knows it’s place.

Today, I reminded a strong client he exposed real weakness when he greeted childish behavior from one of his beloved with childish behavior of his own. He didn’t absorb. He reflected. He gave what he received, he reciprocated. In one of his non-optional, transformational, relationships he failed to lead. Lead anything, lead anyone, and your strength will be tested. You and I will mostly fail these tough tests. We’re human. So, what does a strong leader habituate when they fail to raise their game in many a moment of truth?


Only the strong know it’s their place to absorb. So, when they miss the mark they don’t make excuses or blame the childish behavior of their teammate, brother, bride, or boss. Only the strong understand this. Only the strong choose to lose. Only the strong make the weak feel more. Only the strong are able to tame the lion and encourage the lamb. Only the strong are hardest on themselves. Only the strong repair. Only the strong know their place and charitably accept their role.

You choose. Your choices have consequences. Real strength know it’s place. Do you know yours?

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