Today, during practice 180 with kman and his team of 25 krazies, I learned the power of perspective. As practice began, you see, I was seated in the King’s chair just outside the circle of krazieness. I saw things as best I could while seated ever so slightly on the outside. Fifteen minutes into practice, however, I decided to move. I moved directly across from the King’s chair but, most importantly, I moved into the circle – shoulder to shoulder with krazie Z and fellow krazie Frankee. My perspective completely changed once I changed positions. Anais Nin was correct – “We don’t see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.”

Whatever struggle your facing today, remember, your biggest problem is oftentimes found in your relative lack of perspective. Oftentimes, we think we see the big picture but when we talk to another teammate we realize we had only seen a perspective. And, a small perspective at that. So, before you give up finding a solution to some problem you’re facing, ask a teammate for help seeing beyond your perch. You may be sitting in the Kings chair, you may be seated somewhere in the middle, you may be stuck in the mud, you may be standing out in the cold feeling like you’re all alone freezing your bunnies. Wherever you are, trust me on this, you are blind to something, you’re missing a piece to the puzzle, you have someone ready to help, and you’ve most likely not cried out for the help at least you’ve not been heard. Remember, The Marlboro Man is myth. Stop trying to go it alone.


Broaden your persepective. All problems offer solutions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be too stubborn to change your mind. It’s good to remember a Navy SEAL perspective here. You and I are either dead or we’re good.


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