[Re] started…

Back in 2010 I wrote a blog where I ranted about a trend I was noticing with my family, friends, and clients – they were becoming “crack” addicts at an astounding rate. They were not addicted to the drug. Instead, they were addicted to this new, disruptive technology known as a “crack-berry.” Blackberry was the definitive “next big thing.” Everybody had one and everybody, suddenly, couldn’t live without one. Today the term falls on deaf ears just as the device has drifted from our collective conscious. Why?

Blackberry, like so many before and so many yet to come, simply married the status quo a “second” too long. You see, all systems tend toward a state of equilibrium by default. Leaders bring structure and order and help their team establish norms. And, leaders disrupt these same productive systems – on purpose. The leader jolts the system from within before the market force disrupts it from beyond. Steve Job’s was the poster child for purposely disrupting Apple. He disrupted Apple before the market did. Good.

Your business is a system and it’s tending toward equilibrium. This is neither a positive or a negative. Wise leaders build structure and order along with purposeful disruption. Wise leaders, remember, understand that high performance teams live “just this side of chaos.” They understand that “just this side of chaos” comes from purposeful disruption from within. When outsiders disrupt your system it quickly moves to the other side of chaos – better known as crisis.

Whatever system you are attempting to lead, remember, your job is to build structure and order and put systems in place to establish a status quo. And, your job is to purposely disrupt the same system before an outside force does. Blackberry to noberry is what happens when you wait just a bit too long.

Build structure, order, systems, establish norms, and disrupt it sooner rather than later. Durp, during practice 213 yesterday, has disrupted his team of collectors turned consultants. He’s a disruptor. Jmo, Traci, and Sam are his regulators. Cali is the curator creating new structure and norms. Together, they’re a team – a good one too. They are not going the way of blackberry even though many in their market surely are. This crazy collection is just getting started. Actually, [Re] started. Funny, huh…

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