Your OPUS, remember, by it’s very definition is your labor of love. And, an authentic labor of love has drawing power. This is why the BTL builders take our clients through such a lengthy rinsing process. You can’t stop writing until whatever you’ve written makes you smile at just the thought of taking baby steps toward it – not for awhile, not for a season, not for a profit, not from drive, and not toward drudgery. You and I smile when we’re working hard toward something we’re drawn to. Whatever it is, we’re lit when we’re in it. We may perspire. We may grow tired. Somehow, we continue to be drawn. The heart, you see, is in the labor. We learn to love what normal folk loathe, not because we’re driven or even super disciplined. Because we’re drawn…

Drudge. Driven. Drawn. You choose. Of course, this requires you to leave the comfort of routine and take some risks along the road to your opus. You will know you’re on your way when you can’t stop from doing it. That’s how you know. You’re drawn.

Drudge. Driven. Drawn.

You choose. Your choices have consequences. Funny, I didn’t sit down with my iPad driven to write anything in particular this afternoon on the California coast.

I couldn’t help myself. Drawn…

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