More disciplines root…

Today, I’m reminded of a modern fallacy. Many leaders have come to rely too heavily on data. They think that what they need is another tool, another test, and another touch point to attract the top talent. Not true.

Want a better team?

Become a better leader. You, most likely don’t need more data to improve your performance. Instead, you need more discipline. When you study the highest performing cultures in sport, business, or even charity, you will notice that the best of the best never stop recruiting.


Think it’s some kinda magic that leads New England to reload year after year with just the right talent in just the right position? Think again. You, leader, don’t need more data. You need more discipline. And, the way to get it isn’t to just grind it out either. The best way to become more disciplined is to rekindle a bit more passion in the pursuit – fall back in love with the idea of grinding through your process for finding the right person. You gotta turn the recruiting process into a game again and find the joy in playing it at the highest level. Good.

More discipline is rooted in more love. Funny, huh…

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