Better begins here…

St. Augustine, a stud of a writer from way back in the day, wrote a book worth reading titled The City of God. You see, during his life Rome fell and people were confused. Many felt when Rome fell, God fell. Augustine wrote this book to clear it up. Rome and God are not the same. Rome is a city of man. So cool. We confuse Christianity and America. We are like the ancient world. America is not a Christian nation. Never has been. The city of man is not the city of God. Good. No city is a city of God. Never has been. John Bunyan wrote this – city of man (Vanity Fair) version, in his old book titled Pilgrims Progress. Very cool.

Yesterday I challenged a team of thirty, who came for a taste of BTL, to begin to build their CORE and accept their biggest leadership challenge – the challenge of leading themselves. As always, I strongly suggested they begin this most difficult work within by authoring version 1.0 of their deepest held beliefs – their worldview. Your worldview is the element of your CORE that binds all the others together. The problem for most is they’ve not taken the time to think deeply about what they believe, why they believe, and drawn the correlation to behaviors. Beliefs, even subconscious ones, drive behavior. Aligning these “b’s” is the beginning of integrity and the more one operates with integrity the less one has to think. Good.

So, if you want better results in whatever is your aim, begin by focusing on better behaviors. If you want better behaviors focus on understanding the root beliefs behind them. And, if you want consistency in your crucible, aim at bolting on your beliefs and closing down integrity gaps. Studying rich, meaty, books is nutrition for a whole mind. Read more, my friend. Study. Learn. Apply. Build your CORE. Better begins here, in your interior space. Clarity will replace confusion. Conviction will come. Consistently better behaviors will be coming soon. Good…


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