Your greatest leadership challenge…

Let’s start this rant with a thought starter for you. We’re gonna play fill in the blank. “My greatest leadership challenge is ___________” Go on, for those of you playing at work or at home, write down what you believe is your biggest leadership challenge.

When I ask BTL practice participants to “fill in the blank” the most frequent response is around leading some problem child in their system, dealing with some kinda boss that doesn’t believe, or some saboteur who seems to have it in for ’em. Here’s the truth, friend. You are your greatest leadership challenge. Throughout human history this fact has remained consistent. We are our own worst enemy. Make your peace here. Focus your limited energy and attention on improving your ability to lead you.

Remember, leader, you cannot lead anybody further than you’ve led yourself. Stop the habitual glance out the window looking for culprits to blame. Begin the much harder, more painful, and much more productive habit of looking in the mirror. Ask truth tellers to illuminate your blind spots and beg them to hit you between the eyes, so to speak. Train your brain to let it in and train your CORE to filter out the noise and wisely work on what’s gonna make you a better leader of, well, you.

Real. Hard. Work. Good…

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