Subtract more…

We all want to live healthier lives, right? We try all kinda diets and injest all kinda pills and attempt a garden variety of exercises – cross fit, spinning, running, swimming, and on and on and on. Nothing wrong with our attempts to eat better, supplement better, and exercise better. However, none of these have been proven to lengthen healthy life – they are all too new. Here’s what has worked over thousands of years of research. Don’t miss this. This could be huge. Your best bet for living a healthy life is not around doing more – it’s around subtracting more.

Stop smoking would be numero uno. Smoking has been shortening lives for as long as we’ve been smoking. Stop it. Stop sitting. We’ve been standing forever and only recently become comfortable in the ez chair. Stop drinking and eating sugar. Stop drinking alcohol like it’s water – it’s not, just ask your liver. Stop eating processed foods. Stop yelling, screaming, bullying, gossiping, and hanging around with toxic people who refuse to self regulate.

Funny, we tend toward an action bias in regards to almost everything including our health. Most of the sustainable gains are around avoidance. Leaders, you might want to stop doing some stuff too. I wonder what subtracting more might do for your system. Seems so many leaders I see are running hard on the do, do, do trail. And, as you might imagine, running around that much do do, you’re bound to step in it. Stop the incessant do do do, friend. Replace it with the time proven – dream and do. Subtract some do. Subtract more. Funny, huh…

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