Today, my oldest son Jordan and I are hanging out at Steelwood – the home of Buckeyes Wrestling. Jordan wanted to see what one of their practices looks like, so here we are. The gym is filled with nineteen pairs of athletes sparring across 2.5 mat surfaces. Behind us there are a handful of injured athletes getting loose on a combination of treadmills, bikes, and rowers. The place smells like a gym. Tervel, the Olympian turned coach, is shouting out instructions now with the help of Olympic champion, Kyle Snyder. Kyle and he are demonstrating the moves the team is about to practice. He’s explaining that the key to the move is turning your body into a moving plank so the opponent can’t get both legs. Tervel is telling the athletes this move isn’t possible without a strong core. I believe him.

Tervel is one of the coaches. Jagger’s another one. Of course, Tom Ryan (Head Coach aka Grappy) is here as well. The preseason flo-wrestling rankings just came out and OSU is preseason number two. Nice. Excellence oozes out of this gymnasium. You can smell it too. Earlier today, I coached a couple business owners that they need to dig alongside their team a bit more. They both asked me for clarity, “Dig for what?” One of them queried. Dig. Do the work with them. Don’t tell them, show them.

Btw, Tervel, Jagger’s, and Grappy are all digging. All three coaches are sparring with teammates. Grappy is 47 years young. He’s still digging with his men. How ’bout you? You too old, too tired, too proud, too removed, too above and beyond, digging beside your men & women? Or, are you still in love with your mat and your men & women so much so that sometimes you still gotta dig? Good…

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