Assets, time, serve, and lead…

Today, during practice 185, we spread some understanding and helped a few gain more clarity around their moments of truth. We didn’t go anywhere new, instead, I simply reminded the team there are no shortcuts to building a great team. You’ve got to love the work and love the team. Period.

The greatest leaders, in the history of time, focused their most precious asset (time) on their most precision asset – their team. Leader, do not miss this. Do not multi-task your team. Do not mistake the outsider or the big boss as the most important. Your Kristina’s are precious. Your Kristina’s are your most precious asset, truth be told. So, it should come as no surprise that it wasn’t one of the high ranking, positional leaders that knocked it out of the park today.

Today’s practice ended with a great closing comment from Karen. She shared that the more proud she is to serve the better she leads. She ended us on a great, positive note and said this came from Corie’s inspiration. Together, today, we improved. So, for those of you that missed it, here’s Karen’s closing comment – it’s a keeper!

“The more I learn to proudly serve, the greater I’ll be able to humbly lead,” Good, Karen. Good…

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