Another good day…

Today, Dr. Cuttfirstaskquestionslater cut me for the 48th time. We exchanged book titles as she removed some nasty cells from my left leg. You see, Doc and I have spent quite a few hours together over the past fifteen years and have realized we both love to read. So we tend to talk books while she cuts. Takes my mind off her work, hopefully not hers 🙂

She’s gonna be starting Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius before number 49. And, Amazons gonna be delivering Hillbilly Elegy, by J.D. Vance to the Scott house. She loved this book about a poor, Buckeye escaping the confines of poverty by working his way out. Today, I have the gift of time and am using it reading, writing, and reflecting. Today is another good day to reflect with gratitude on all that’s behind me, live and love both my work and those people God’s placed beside me, and look forward to tomorrow with energy, enthusiasm, humility, and hope.

Today is another good day…

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