Transitioning well…

One of the coolest things about your brain is it’s ability to experience pleasure by simply imagining yourself doing whatever it is you find pleasurable. One of my big, physical dreams is cycling the French Alp’s every five years – next up will be in celebration of my 60th. Big dreams help us keep going, especially through transitions – tough transitions. Transitions are hinge moments in life. Good ones swing open slowly and smoothly. Nobody likes the transition that feels like stepping into thin air, unless you’re transitioning purposely from inside an aircraft to outside…

Your work and life OPUS don’t just bring clarity, purpose, and meaning. Your big dreams provide you with a path to transition well too. As we often discover when planning our next chapters, there is great pleasure in all the mundane moments thinking, planning, and preparing for our mountain tops. Sure there is pleasure in realizing ’em, but there’s so much more in all the moments and memories moving toward them. Funny, huh.

Life is all about transitions. Transitions bring pain and pleasure. However, something as simple as logistics and planning could ignite a chemical bath of our own making and provide a path to the other side. Today, allow yourself to dream about something personal and professional that energizes you. Dream passionately and positively. Visualize the views from your mountain top. Plan. Think BIG. Pick a target. Reach for it. Invite a few to come along. And, let the brain bath begin.

Dream and do, my friend. Transition well. And, if one of those big dreams involves sky diving, or cycling the French Alps, enjoy the sudden drop or screaming descent too! Good…

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