Everybody’s Lockton…

Yesterday, a team of producers came together to practice. Yesterday, a team of practice leaders came together to practice. In the first practice, Thomas took charge. I tried to grab the reins and he kept grabbing them back. Thomas, you see, wanted the team of producers to all share their learning from 7 good minutes with their SEAL buddy. They all relented. Thomas wouldn’t let any of ’em play passive. Thomas made them all participate and did so without anybody feeling manipulated. He was plenty persuasive, however. Good.

Yesterday, a team of practice leaders also took to practice. We kicked off practice 8 with these men and women by putting their leader on the hot seat. We asked Timmyd to share his learning from his recent 360. He hit it out of the park with honesty and humility. Next I asked his team to tell him more. Now that he’s open, let’s give him some more good stuff to work on, let’s go deeper. The team looked at me in some kinda shell shocked horror. Their eyes grew wide and mouths pursed tightly shut. So, I hit my friend with some learning he had missed. His demeanor was almost stoic. Progress. My client, when hit with hard truth he can use, has a tendency to kinda sulk and slump. Yesterday, however, he stood in there. He got feedback he can use. He got better not bitter. If I had a shirt with buttons they would have all popped. I was so happy for him…

And, after priming his team they came out of their shells, stuck their proverbial necks out and gave more food for thought to their fearless leader. My cup runneth over.

As I flew home last night and captured my learning from a long, seven practice filled day, my heart was as full as my head. You see, yesterday was a day invested with my labor – my labor of love. I had a front row seat to men and women ready to hit and be hit. I was with a man who came to practice with me at 6am with a sick baby at home. Another came to practice from three states away. Another strong man came to practice with enough worry and anxiety to legit fill the room – he came anyway and nobody knew. I was with a woman who came off maternity leave to be with her teammates and practice beside them. I saw leaders letting teammates take the lead and teammates confronting teammates instead of sending the tension to the leader. I saw men and women leaning against their tendencies. FD was with me and he’s no longer the apprentice – he’s the builder. Yesterday, I saw growth. Growth, friend, is good. Growth is good.

Yesterday, was better than we’ve been before. Nobody, remember, is as smart as everybody. Nobody. Yesterday, everybody played. Everybody. What, leader, are you doing to make sure everybody plays on your team? BTL team practice gives everybody a voice. What, leader, do your meetings do? Who acts like owners on your team?

Lockton is family owned. However, if you hang in any BTL practices around Lockton, you would think differently. You would think it’s everybody’s Lockton. Good…

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