Ann & Jim, again…

I began each of the nine practices that Jim & Ann led these past two days with a simple question. I asked the participants if they knew why I had worked so hard to get Jim & Ann to come and be with them. A few knew the root why.

Here it is. Do not miss this. This could be huge for you and your team.

The reason I brought Jim & Ann to be with my family, friends, and clients was to stop the whining – my whining, my clients whining, your whining. You do not own the fruit of your work, friend. You own your work. Keep doing it. Keep perfecting it. Keep learning from those around you. Keep giving courage to your weak. Keep challenging your strong. Keep eliminating sabotage and keep inspiring innovation. Keep moving through obstacles and converting them to energy. Keep learning. Keep loving. Keep trusting the process. Keep trusting first. Keep working, friend. Stop whining. Own your work. Good.

Thanks, Ann & Jim, for modeling the way. I’m whining less this morning as are many of my family, friends, and clients. Grateful to know you. Thankful for your service. Looking forward to your next chapter and the good work that lies ahead…

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