Carte Blanche…

Carte Blanche by definition means, “complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best.”

Jim had the blessing for his mission at the highest level in U.S. Military. Admiral Olson, General Petraeus, and General McCrystal. You can’t get any higher blessing than this. It can still end badly. You see, Angels like these men in high ranking places, don’t often stay in their perch – they come and they go. Oftentimes, they don’t provide cover for your ass – just their own. Sometimes, their replacements don’t care what their predecessors promised – they have their own agenda. Fact.

Level 1 Con Op (Petraeus gives this to Jim which is as close as it gets to giving Carte Blanche) can go away in an instant. So, teammate, remember this. Do the work. You own this. Do your work and do it well. In fact, do your work and master the minutia, master the fundamentals. Perfect them. Do not abuse power, use it to do good. You do not own the fruits of your labor – just your labor. Don’t worry about who’s watching and don’t waste energy attempting to look good. Reality, as you perceive it, can change at the drop of a hat. Do. The. Work.

Be good. Do good. Good…

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