Who are you tolerating in between your go to guys?

The problem with most systems, is the number of folks in between. Remember, according to Gallup, over 55% of the American workforce is what they describe as disengaged. The mediocre middle is in between you and the go to guys that get stuff done. The problem in most systems is that after awhile the go to guy/gal gets really tired of carrying the mediocre middle. So, they go away…

Want a better team? STOP tolerating the mediocre middle. Stop relying so heavily on so few. Start building your top performers even stronger and making it even harder on the mediocre middle to keep up. Stop worrying about keeping some warm bodies around. Your go to guys want to be surrounded by a few more folks like them. Go get them, now. Go build them. Go.

The go to guy not being available is not the problem. The number of folks in between is. Go. Good…

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