Character and decisions…

So, we know lots of disasters produce MOT (moments of truth). Sully’s bird strike, Michigan States last minute touchdown against our beloved Buckeye’s yesterday :), and countless other disasters, big and small alike, produce MOT. And, MOT come in moments of great joy. How we respond to big wins, like stopping MSU’s two point conversion 🙂 creates another MOT. Disasters produce MOT, victory as well, and the mundane moments too – especially, in fact, the mundane ones…

Today, I made a decision to read the Word, meditate on it, and share it with my suffering Bride. I took a moment and called her from Kansas City to give her some courage that came to me from reading the Bible. I cried with her and she with me. This small, insignificant decision to share my learning and love with her made me a wee bit more kind and, well, a little bit more loving. Our love grew with this decision. A small movement in my character was stamped upon my heart – a baby step toward my bride.

You see, our character is shaped as much in the everyday as it is in the big moments, under the bright lights, where the world may be watching. Our character is shaped with every decision. Every baby step we take is a decision. Baby step decision after baby step decision in the direction of being kind, for instance, produces a kinda character – actually it produces a kind character. Good.

Today, you and I are building character. Every decision matters. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Our character is shaped by our choices – our decisions. Want to become a more virtuous father, son, brother, sister, teammate, friend, man or woman? Make a baby step decision in one of your relationships. Move toward. Stop running away. Sit in with someone hurting. Hold a hand. Share a word. Lend a hand. Something small and from your heart. Good…

2 thoughts on “Character and decisions…

  1. Chet, thank you for sharing this moment with the BTL Community, we are with you and Missy. Not an easy time but openning your heart and sharing helps all of us be stronger better people.
    God Bless
    Pete and Chris

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