Today, in practice nine, a team gained clarity – a lot of clarity. Here’s the root why behind this teams dramatic stride forward. Don’t miss this. This could be huge. This team is being led by a transparent human. Sure, he’s component and inspiring. He knows his stuff and has always had technical credibility to burn. However, it’s been his willingness to share his weaknesses that has lit the team on fire. His courage to share his shortcomings and open up about his work/life has his team running toward him, not away. And, not only are they running toward him, they are running toward our practices and showing up prepared and ready to play. And, from the sounds of it, they are running toward their work with renewed trust and tenacity. Performance gains are sure to follow. Good…

Today, I shared a compliment with this team. Through nine practices they’ve made more progress than any team I’ve seen. Practice ten is gonna be amazing and it’s not going to be because of me. I’m just the catalyst remember. Your team practices are your team practices, leader. Want a better practice? Become a better leader, friend.

We humans, remember, love to stick it to the man. And, we love to stick with any leader we see as one of us – as HUman. Which kinda man/woman are you becoming? Good…

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