The courage to fight to win…

Yesterday a client and I invested some time in the courage essential. I frequently reflect on my life and my mind naturally wanders to where I’m worried, afraid, and anxious. Normal. The need is for courage – acting in the face of these same fears. Sometimes, maybe even oftentimes, the need is to stand, be with, be still, and as I look at my life these seemingly inactive moments are some of the hardest. I’m better at MOT that call for active movement than MOT that necessitate sitting, waiting, standing, or being patient. Sitting (rather trying to) with my bride these past few months has caused me to realize how impatient I truly am. Kinda sucks to admit…

One of my clients (Kyle) recently asked me to read his soon to be released book titled Fight to Win. The book tells the story of his son, Tyler, and his fight with a death sentence cancer – stage IV burkitts. The book is all about the courage of Tyler, a teenager turned into a man too early. He underwent chemo up to 18 hours a day for stretches of nearly a month at a time. He nearly killed himself in his fight to win. Against massive odds, however, he won. His dad writes well about what he witnessed. Here’s an exerpt to give you a taste. Amazing and Sobering…

“The next morning I woke up as the nurses were taking Tyler’s vitals. Kathy and I were still not in agreement on the next steps. When the nurses left, Tyler did what he had done many times. With the wisdom and courage of a child, he gave us the clarity we needed. He said, ‘Dad, it’s just like Iwo Jima.’ Two nights earlier, we had watched Clint Eastwood’s Iwo Jima movie. The USA bombed the island, but the enemy retreated into the islands massive cave system. So the ground troops were sent in, entering each cave, never knowing what awaited them. The only option was to make their best guess, and proceed with confidence. If they were wrong , they would die. If they were right, they might live.

Cancer is also an invisible enemy. Tumors smaller than a million cells, about the size of a grape, are undetectable. Tyler’s body had been bombed relentlessly, but we still had no idea where all the cells were hiding. Tyler said, with eyes of pure courage – ‘We can’t stop. We keep going, killing every cell, one by one.’ Courage is an amazing thing. It requires a unique blend of two opposing ideas. You must love your life so much that you are willing to endure incredible pain to save it. Simultaneously, you must take life-threatening risks that cause others to freeze in their tracks. What if we all had the courage of children? What could we achieve, if we were willing to live fearlessly? If we were willing to believe in the impossible, and never worry about failure?

A life of courage demands our full attention, energy, and engagement. The future is unknown, and our options are never safe. We must have the courage to pull the trigger. This time Tyler made the decision. He fearlessly looked at death, as he passionately fought for life.”

Thank you, Kyle and Tyler for modeling the way. Your courage inspires me. Your love of life helped you cheat death. God, help me love more passionately and live more fearlessly. God, help me give the gift of belief to my family, friends, and clients. God, help me give courage. God, help me marinate in your words; the worlds, not so much. God, help me have the courage to fight to win like Tyler.

God, help me…

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