Preparation, energy, and effort…

If circumstances dictate your motivation, circumstances will dictate your performance. You cannot control circumstances or other people. You can control you. If your aim is to become elite, focus on what you can control – your preparation, energy, and effort.

As Tyler Joseph commented regarding Twenty One Pilots performance, “We performed at Madison Square Garden, the same way we performed when we had five folks in the audience.” Tyler and Josh have been bringing their best since they began their band. Do not fall into the trap of only getting up for the big games, the top ranked opponent, or during crunch time or quarters end. Excellence demands that you give every day your best effort and continually open yourself to new learnings and new ways. Remember, you don’t rise to the occasion – you slip to the level of your training.

Last night in practice 34 with a team of grapplers we learned why some people get up when they’re wrestling guys like Logan Steiber (4 time NCAA champ) and why guys like Logan get up for each match as if it’s against guys like Logan Steiber. And, we learned the elite find a way to mentally detach from outcomes while staying fully engaged, energized, and giving that last 1% of effort.

If your performance depends on your circumstances, your performance is only going to be as exceptional as your opponent/market/competitors. Rise above circumstance and motivation, especially motivation brought on by outside pressure. You cannot control what is outside of you. Do not allow circumstances to dictate your peformance. Focus on competing with your best self, on your best day, and bring it. Focus on your preparation, energy, and effort. You’ll get better, you’ll see. Good…

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