The art…

Today, while practicing with a client turned friend, a familiar tune came streaming in the background. The song is titled The Scientist and was my introduction to the band, Coldplay way back in the day. My mind took me back in an instant. Good art does this, doesn’t it…

This particular song took me back to a moment when Miss called me into the office to take a listen. You see, she had just heard this tune and immediately knew it was right up my alley. She pulled me in and I was hooked. Miss gets me and little moments like this one remind me how good it feels to be understood. Remember, the way we give the gift of understanding to another friend is in a thousand insignificant moments like these. It wasn’t long before Miss and I were standing in the front row at the now deceased Polaris Amphitheater taking in Coldplay live and amazed at how much Chris Martin reminded us both of Schroeder from the Peanuts gang. FM, baby.

So, someday, when you participate in BTL team practice and we make you listen to the song titled Talk you will have an understanding that music, art, and film are an integral piece of BTL practice because business, kinda like life, is more art than it is science. Of course it’s both but most of us have forgotten we’re artists in addition to accountants, lawyers, business owners, athletes, producers, presidents, or whatever other work identity  you call yourself. I’m an artist and an entrepreneur. I can’t sing, dance, paint, or illustrate. When I write, I mean when I really throw up the thoughts that came from the day’s work, my fingers tickle the ivories and thoughts are thrown into words and phrases that just pour out of me as if sent from above. They may not connect with you worth a nickel, but they bring clarity to my mind. The blank screen becomes kinda like a canvas and clarity comes more often than not. Like most artists the aim is not to create something popular or poignant – the aim is the art.

So, today, in practice after practice, the art came and many a picture was painted. People left with something more than they had. Heads nodded and hands were shaked. Laughs were shared and emotions stirred. It was another good day hanging out and performing art with friends I’ve known awhile and clients who soon will be more – more like friends, that is.

You, friend, are an artist. I hope you’re singing your song and hanging with friends. Good…

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