Honesty and humility…

MJ was the best baller we’ve ever seen, most would agree. He’s not such a great GM and nobody wants him as their coach. Today, I reminded one of my star athletes that he needs to demand the ball more and stop acting like a coach with his team. You see, my client has recently made his peace with his performance – he kinda stinks as a coach. So, he’s moved himself into a role more fitting of his skills, more suited to his personality, and his systems performance is ticking up as a result. All that this change required was honesty and humility. Sound easy but it’s not.

Leader, remember this, a coach is known by the athletes and teams he/she builds. Just because you were great as an individual contributor doesn’t necessarily translate to your greatness as a coach. So, look critically at the athletes your attracting and building. Unlike MJ, those of you in the world of business don’t have a built in expiration date due to your body. You just gotta make your peace with your ego and play your role. My star athlete has taken a step back and his system a step forward. Good…

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