Today was a full day invested with my favorite KC client. We began at 5:45am with a few pulls, pups, and air squats (100, 200, 300 to be exact). Good. The first practice kicked off at 7:30 and the last one ended at 4bells with the same nutcase we started with. The day absolutely flew because the day was pure flow. Every practice the goal was clear, feedback was immediate, capacity and challenge were in harmony, concentration was off the hook, I felt in control, left and right brain played their role, my mind and body were in it, and connections were constantly made to connect each learning to the entire system, not just the individual or team.

Tonight, I’m sitting on SWA and heading home. My Miss awaits and she’s had a better day. She’s not whole but she sounded like herself when we just spoke. My heart soared as I hope this bird does real soon. Tomorrow, if all things go according to plan, I’ll be given the gift of practice again and again. I’m excited anticipating work and play tomorrow but it’s not guaranteed. Today was good. I’m savoring the small wins and letting it in. You know, the moment is what matters when it comes to flow. Today, we had lots of moments in flow with a badass team of brokers. I never knew I could love working with brokers, but then again, I never knew how broken hearts could be made whole. I’m not an expert in making better brokers but we, the BTL band, are freakin’ genius when it comes to the recipe for mending broken hearts.

Good work, today, bank of brokers. Good work. Remember, the recipe for becoming whole is really simple and hard. Model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and embody truth in love. Ask for help. Give more than you take. Lose your sense of self to gain a greater sense of self. Look up and practice gratitude. Look within and practice humility. Look at your team and practice agape (unconditional love). Broker this, my friend. Unbroken you will become. Not easy, but well worth the work. Whole. Unbroken. Good….

3 thoughts on “Unbroken…

  1. Yeah, BABY! Thanks, Chester. I have a crucial conversation immediately ahead the will be much better because I read “Unbroken.” Thanks for the reminder. Prayers for Miss…Merry Christmas, by the way.

  2. So good to hear from you, Sully. Thanks for your attention and for your prayers for Miss. Wishing you and yours a great, blessed Christmas and hope to see you soon. Give and take care, friend. Give and take…

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