Our “deliverable”…

…is ONEness.   ONEness is the Dream State for our Builder’s Journey.   It’s our “value proposition.”

How valuable is it?   To find out, grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.    On the left side, write how life feels when you don’t have oneness…i.e. within, with your significant other, with your family, with your partner, with your board, with your team, etc.   After you finish, take another moment to reflect – what’s the cost?   Write some more.

On the right side, repeat the exercise writing about how life feels when you have it.   What’s it worth?

As you process the Moment of Truth your writing has given you, where are you on your Builder’s Journey?  What’s your Current State?  What’s your Dream State?   What Productive Actions face you, yours to either ignore or embrace?

Oneness within increases as you gain clarity, strength, alignment and significance in answering the 3 big questions of work & life:  “why am I here?  who am I?  how do I work & live?”    This makes up your core – your worldview, identity and principles.

The self-centered, others-controlling life will never produce true, sustainable oneness.   Just increasing dissonance, and sadly, exactly the life you deserve – aLone.  Oneness with others increases as you live out your core purpose, passion and process with others in a core-centered, self-controlling way.   ALLone.   It’s one ‘L of a difference.

The one ‘L is the love you give and receive (not take) along the way.  How you gain oneness is through intentional, deliberate practice, one Moment of Truth followed by one Productive Action at a time.  You choose.

Simple – but not easy.   It takes humility, courage and compassion.

Together we train.  Together we practice.  Together we transform.

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