Together we train…

We believe you cannot become BTL without lots of hard training. This is why we designed discovery to be so difficult and require all to complete the 80 questions prior to beginning the BTL process. Authentically authoring discovery is tough and it’s just the beginning. Throughout the history of time, the greatest teams have been assembled and built roughly the same way – through the severity of their training. Ancient self help expert/trainer, Thucydides summed it up succinctly – “We should remember that one man is much the same as another and that he is best who is trained in the severest school.”

Come train with us. Expect it to be hard. Kinda like Dub rediscovered this morning, difficult training has its rewards – the reward comes when we embrace the idea of “not yet.” You see, the real rewards follow years of severe tests in whatever is your world. The BTL builder,framework, and training provide the fertile soil for growth so you’ll be ready to pass your life exams.

Come train with us. Do not wait to begin training when the test arrives. This is what the masses do and then complain in the crucible and cry out for help when none can come but the resources from within. Do not wait. Train. We will not let you down. We will make you do what you can. You will discover new limits and push through them. You will discover new passions and ignite them. You will discover new purposes and fully realize them. You will attract a few along the way and together you will improve. You will embrace the training and the not yet. Good…

Hard opus, remember, you can sustain as you perspire. Hard labor you will disdain as you tire. Choose opus. Build within. Build with your few. Learn, grow, and serve. The BTL school is a severe test. The real tests in your work/life are harder. BTL tests prepare you for what’s ahead. You can pass these with the help of a trained builder, the help of a few teammates, and with your hard earned strength within and your authentic aim toward an opus of your authoring. Come and see. Come and train. Come and become. We believe, you have what it takes or we would not come alongside. So, come and make us do what we can too. Together we train. Together we improve. Together.

Good work this morning, Dub. You got better. Your eyes on me made me better too. Good…

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