I do version 2.0…

Couples, when they come together in most marriage ceremonies, answer their Priest or Pastor with a slew of “I do’s;” we do’s, not so much. They are becoming one in this most sacred of relationship yet the leader addresses them as two. There is a deep why behind this process.  We don’t get better.

I do. You do.

And, when our significant other hears you and me wanting to get better, it’s most likely contagious. There are no equal partnerships in work and life, remember. All of our relationship get sustainably better when I choose to get better; when I choose to self assess; when I choose to turn my critical eye inward. We don’t get better when I keep dividing my attention toward what you could do different. Human’s, remember, deeply change when it’s their own idea to change. Play to this in your partnerships. Practice working on you, first. We just got better. Do you see this?

I do…

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