Grind vs. Grit

What’s the difference between someone who grinds through their work or someone who has grit?  The answer may surprise you, it’s a potential game changer if you ask me. Both of these words describe someone who is working hard but both are not equally successful.  Check this out…

Grind: excessively hard working (person)
Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character

Grind: drudgery, toil, labor, exertion, slog
Grit: courage, bravery, mettle, backbone, spirit

Grind is about doing / getting through the work, where as grit is about having a positive, non-cognitive trait inspired from within.  If you, my friends, want to spend a little less time in the grind then look no further than connecting your work to something bigger.  At BTL we call this your OPUS, a long-term goal or end state designed to connect your passion to your work.  It takes grind and turns it into play.  And yes, it really is that simple and oh so f*cking hard.

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