Regrets, Rocks, PA, Purpose, and you…

When we think of the present we regret acts of commission. When we forecast our future we almost always think we’ll regret acts of omission. This doesn’t make sense, does it. Here’s the problem, our brain doesn’t keep very good track of our ommissions, of what we failed to do as it spools up the tape of our story. So, as we ask it to remember what we’ve deeply regretted to date, it seeks and doesn’t find anything we failed to do but an abundance of stuff we stepped in when we did. This explains why so many of us have an abundance of fear when it comes to doing and not so much when it comes to NOT. We cannot forecast how we’ll feel if we hold onto our conflict with another teammate for years, but we are certain it won’t stink as much as stepping into it now. So we wait. And, we don’t even seem to regret it.

Until we imagine ourselves at 90. Funny, huh.

Today, realize you tend toward inaction out of fear. ACT. Today, come to grips that you aren’t good at forecasting pain either. However much pain you think your action will produce you are overestimating it. Embrace acute pain. It will be over before you know it. And, remember, peace is found on the other side of the acute stuff. So, as Jimmyccd shared this morning, decide to tip your sled off the hilltop. Don’t look all the way down. Focus on the tipping point and push off. You’ll figure it out on the way down and be ready and jacked for the next one. Today, choose commitment over freedom. Choose to commit to a baby step of productive action. When you tell yourself you don’t have an out, its amazing what you get done. Remember how much you get done the day before you leave for holiday? Funny, your brain and body can muster it up before holiday, what makes you think you can’t push it out, day in and day out?

You and I are happiest when we choose PA, acute pain, and commitment. Stop worrying about position, power, prominence, and your next promotion. Stay present and keep working. Align more behaviors with beliefs. Commit to more PA aligned with purpose. You may not get as much minutia done, but I guarantee you that your big Rocks will become done so. Today, baby step toward your Rock, some significant strategy of your choosing. Chip away at it. You’ll see, before long it’ll be kinda like that big sledding hill – behind you. Good…

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