Fooled, predictably, by the need for speed…

Fooled by Randomness, written by Nassim Taleb, tells us how we humans tend to think. Predictably Irrational, written by Dan Ariely, blows up the rational ideal we humans hang onto. Thinking Fast and Slow, written by Daniel Kahneman, explains heuristics, mental models and expert intuition. The bottom line when it comes to you, leader, and your decision making, is you don’t know enough about your biases.

The quality of your leadership is most directly correlated to the quality of your decisions. The quality of your decisions is tied to the quality of your thinking. The quality of your thinking is directly related to the quality of your relationships. You see, we leaders are just as prone to being fooled by randomness, predictably irrational, too fast on the big decisions, too slow on the little ones, and too easily swayed by what’s available, what we’ve seen before and what we think we know. So, leader, if you want to improve the quality of your decisions, you need to study your tendencies, understand your mental models, and have a truth teller or two standing nearby to offer objectivity when the subject, well, demands it. Of course, even this decision, the decision regarding when you need the help of another, is subjective.

Take my word for it, leader. You need a few quality relationships and you need ’em with minds unlike your own. I’m really glad there’s a Gurue standing beside me, a Freakin’ D and a Peteness around me, and a Rogueman, Grappy, atheist, liberal lunatic, and a structure/order maniac in my circle. I like to go from to A – Z in an instant. Sure is nice to have a friend remind me most people prefer A, B, C, D, and E.

Remember, leader, you need minds around you who think unlike you. Kinda like Bono said so many years ago about the power of U2 – He needs men like Edge, Larry, and Adam because they don’t agree easily. We’ve been told we need to be like minded to become one. This is not true. We become one, not when we are like minded but when our minds are linked. Minds meld when they are all hot and wired, not cooled by only one doing all the thinking. Today, leader, tune into teammates and encourage them to challenge your thinking with some good thinking of their own. You may think you’ll go faster on your own. You won’t. Nobody is as smart as everybody. You’ve been fooled, predictably, by the need for speed without understanding that three free thinkers are better than only one. Slow down and relect. Good…

2 thoughts on “Fooled, predictably, by the need for speed…

  1. Great post, Chet. Full of science and wisdom. I really like the mind meld reference happening when hot and wired not cooled by one person doing all the thinking. Great stuff.

    On the Feast Day of the Incarnation of Christ, feel the joy! Love to you and all yours, including your freaking weird team.

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