Yesterday, we began practice by playing the theme music to the 70’s sitcom, Room 222. I was reminiscing and setting the stage for this team to do likewise. Durp asked the team to write where they wanted to go today. I already knew we were going back but let them write, anyway.

“Look in the eyes of the person on your left,” I instructed the team of thirty three souls as practice 222 got underway. Yes, this team has been practicing a long, long time. So good. So, so good…

The next instruction was to give courage to the soul on your left. Write it out. Once all had written, they were instructed to look their teammate in the eye again and write something they’re grateful for regarding them. Once they had written both, we put down pen/paper and simply looked at the person and gave them courage while thanking them for being here. You’ve never seen so much joy in a room, at least I haven’t seen this much joy in a workroom. You see this room, in practice 222, was filled with thirty three coworkers who over the course of 222 practices have transformed into thirty three souls, distinct and deeply connected. Beautiful…

Once everyone had given courage and thanked the teammate to their left it turned into a free for all. Love was sent between teams, up to Durp, down to the newest of the newbs and everywhere in between. Even the outsider, yours truly, was sent so much my cup runneth over. After practice, Durp and I sat in the now empty room 222 and reflected a bit longer about how far we’ve come, how we keep it going, and how grateful we are to be beside one another in this work of BTL. So, so good…

This morning, after eight men pushed, pulled, planked, laughed, trash talked, and told stories, Grappy pulled up a chair to show me pictures he had sent to his coaches yesterday. He had started some kinda text string with pictures from his childhood and sent to his coaches for them to reciprocate. The pictures were hilarious, especially the ones of Tervel. Tervel, the Olympic tough guy, looked like the softest softy, back in the day in his soccer shorts. Grappy was reminiscing, you see, and sharing it with me. The love in the wrestling room has never been higher, he said. I’ve only seen the past three years, but have to agree. So, so good.

The love in Room 222, last night, took thirty three souls higher. Don’t be surprised when performance gains reflect the love in both these rooms. According to lagging indicators like revenue and wins, the gains are already here. We’re just seeing the light, in my eyes. You’ll see. Better is ahead. Love, you see, the really soulfeltkindalovefest gets better in ways only the few ever taste. Because this kinda love takes too long, requires too much, and makes no sense, it comes to those who wait and as they wait they keep working, keep working, and keep working. You see, the work has become opus. So, so good.

Love your work. Love your team. This is simple and this is hard, leader. Get tired together. Build confidence through hard won competence. Honor the past. Celebrate the present. Together, build a vision for the future. Share the wins, wealth, wounds, and wonder. Good…

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