Urgency is not efficiency…

Today, during practice 5 with a team of homesiders, we connected the idea of opus to a compass. The BTL acrostic O.P.U.S., is a compass of sorts – it points you toward your true north, if you will. You see, authoring your opus, kinda like opening your compass when journeying deep in the wooded mountainside, gives you a sense of direction amidst the chaos of tall trees and the noise and clangor of the busyness of business. OPUS is a compass. It’s a tool.

Like any good tool, it’s only useful if you know how to use it and then practice using it – a lot. The freakin’ magic is found in using the compass to find your way toward the mountaintop where the views are amazing. You won’t get there just by having a compass. You can’t just look at the thing and arrive at the dream. You only achieve any semblance of the dream if you commit to a lifetime of PA (productive action), action aligned with opus.

Dantheefficiencyman finished us off with an insight regarding the power of his opus. “Urgency is not efficiency, ” Dan began as he read us his writing from practice, “alignment is.” You see, Dan understands he and his team live in a very urgent market space and it’s easy to believe we just gotta deal with everything being urgent. Of course this thought is somewhat true but it’s not true. Everything becomes urgent when we’re lost in the woods, late at night, and without flashlight, weapon, and the right tool – a compass.

Author your opus, friend. Align PA. Use the tool to find your way, consistently, forward toward an aim of your authoring and one worth climbing after. Keep climbing. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Efficiency arrives as you and your team align over time and through adversity. Never easy. Nothing guaranteed. Lots of ambiguity. Just this side of chaos. Urgency is not efficiency, alignment is. So, so good. So, good.


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