Your life is a book…

Last night, during practice 36 with a team of grapplers, we learned a couple basic things about the brain. One, whenever our brain observes something to be avoided, something painful, or something that registers as harmful, it remembers and registers this as something to, well, be avoided in the future. You do not have to program your brain for this kinda recall – it’s called survival wiring and you’ve already got it.

However, if you want your brain to enable you to reach your full and greatest potential, you’ve got to fight against your survival wiring. You’ve got to catch the negative script about the guy who pinned you previously and get rid of it. In essence you are gonna force feed some amnesia, selectively. All great golfers have mastered selective memory ’cause without it everytime you tee it up on the third hole with water on your left, where your ball ended up, btw, the last time you played, it’s gonna end up there again and again and again. You see, the untrained brain is wired to remember the negative much more than the positive. So, you’ve got to train it to remember all the beauties you hit down the right side of three fairway and forget the duck hook you hit, one time, into the creek on the left.

Your problem is not your opponent, the golf course, your market, or your competition. Your root problem is your inability to understand the stories your brain feeds you and where they come from. Your root problem is you’ve been buying the avoid pain/stay alive story for so long you think it’s reality, not your perception of reality. Your problem, just like mine, is rooted in an untrained brain. Good news. You can change your mind. Good.

The truth is that this week a gymnast learned that the story she keeps telling herself about her inability to leap is, well, a lie. The truth is that this week a grappler learned that the story he’s telling himself, now, is true – he can score on anybody. The truth is that this week a young business owner learned that his story of waiting for perfection is a result of his solid hard wiring around structure/order and sound logic. He learned he’s got to wire up some risk orientation and tell himself to dive in or he’s gonna be waiting forever. All three are changing their mind. All different. All good. All capable of greatness. All limiting their own performance ’cause the untrained brain wants ‘ em all to survive.

What story are you allowing your brain to buy? When was the last time you wrote it out and saw your minds rumination in good old black and white? When was the last time you shouted it out and called b********? Your thoughts are powerful, especially your survival ones which are mostly rooted in the negative. The best way to rid your brain of them is to stop thinking about them. The best way to stop ruminating about them is to write them out and shout them to whomever will listen. You see, negative thoughts lose power when they are out in the open, out of your head.

Your life is a book, a story worth living. Don’t let one little slip up stop you from finishing it. Go on, write that chapter today. Take the leap. Pick your target on the right side and swing away. Forget about your opponents name and just enjoy grappling, ’cause you’re a grappler. And, if you need some energy to keep going today, remember to measure your progress by recalling how far you’ve come vs stewing about how far you’ve got to go. Measure back. Gain confidence and practice gratitude at the same time as you realize how far you’ve come and how many have helped you along the way. Now, get up, trust your training, and go for it.

I’m certain you’re gonna nail it. Good…

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