We cannot know if we will be loved, employed, or healthy in the year 2020. We can’t even control if we’ll be here. Yet we find ourselves burning up our brains and our bodies in search of clear answers. You see, the more we learn about our cranium the less we know with certainty. One thing most neuroscientists seem to believe is our brains crave clarity. When we lack clarity we tend either shut down or create a story. As you and I get closer to this new decade I would like to propose a change in direction that is counterintuitive.

Answer the big three questions.

Don’t put off the deep answering and deep pursuit of these. Most do. Most humans simply believe that they do not have the time. Gain clarity, here.

1. What will you do about faith? Will you take the time to discover, cultivate, challenge and clarify your deepest held beliefs – your worldview?

2. Will you risk your heart to really Love?  Will you give, give, give or continue to keep score? Will you learn to love your neighbor or look longingly toward that point in time when you can get outa town, away from ’em all?

3. What will you do about work? Will you author an opus or make peace with labor? Will you experiment until your brain clicks into the kinda work it’s been wired to love and master? Or, will you keep striving to become a highly paid laborer? Will you seek to make a contribution from a full heart or attempt to have compensation/competition fill the void in a broken one?

Would answering these three, provide you with clarity and eliminate so many smaller questions?

Remember the words of one of my favorite dead Europeans, C.S. Lewis.

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” Wake up, friend. You have time. You have access to information unprecendented in the history of time. Your brain craves clarity and wants answers to the big questions.

Your brain, however, prefers energy save mode too and will naturally allow you to keep it busy answering the small stuff, like where do we want to go to dinner, who should I date, where are my kids headed, why am I in such a bummer of a job, what’s wrong with my brother/sister/teammate, how much longer till we get there, what’s wrong with my neighbor, what just happened, why can’t I jump like I once did, will we have enough dinero to ever retire, should I stay or should I go, will my kids ever get it, what’s wrong with my boss, why doesn’t he like me, why am I too much for most to take, do I have what it takes, am I love able, beautiful, better, and the age old one – is it 5 o’clock yet, cause I could sure use another drink to stop these stupid questions that seem to run endlessly in my head.

Answer the big three, friend. Answer the big three. Your brain loves clarity. Another year is in the books. 2017 is coming soon. And, in case you’ve forgotten, let me remind you – time is undefeated. Good…

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