Control freaks…

Control freaks are often CEO’s. I’ve got lots of em as clients and have been accused of being one of ’em myself. Control freaks are usually in control for a reason – they get things done. Control freaks are responsible. This is good until the system grows beyond their ability to keep it all together.

I like working with control freaks. Control freaks respond well to challenge, and by their very nature, take responsibility for their overuse of control. So, if you feel burdened because you work for someone you would classify as controlling, remember they will respond to your strong challenge. Give them a lawyers argument. Use reason, logic, and avoid emotional plea’s like the plague. Control freaks are in control for a reason. Give them a better reason and control will be a coming – your way, that is.

Your problem is not your control freak CEO. Your problem is allowing yourself to take up residence in victimhood instead of wrestling for what you want. Remember, nothing worth possessing has ever been given (God’s grace the exception).

Make 2017 the year you resolve to fight for what you want. Remember, the best fighters on any team fight to improve performance, not to prove a point. Your control freak CEO is not your problem. Your ineffective response just may be…

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