Train the brain…

Today, during practice 10 with a team of gymnasts, we worked on building some myelin around our preparation. You see, these gymnasts have been building myelin around their routines since they were really young. They’ve wrapped the neural networks around jumping, leaping, flipping, tumbling, twisting, swinging, and all other gymnast kinda moves with enough myelin to make their muscles perform with near perfection. Here’s the problem – they haven’t been purposeful in building myelin around how they prepare prior to the routine.

Remember, the untrained brain defaults to F.U.D. – Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This is survival wiring. So, prior to their practice routines or their performance at a meet, they allow the brain to go untethered. FUD doesn’t lead to freakin magic. FUD leads to a dud, or at least to something less than your best. The elite invest hours in training the brain. They understand the default wiring isn’t gonna contribute to their best routine and, in fact, is gonna confuse the muscles. Instead of trusting the training, the myelin wrapped practice routines compete with the untrained FUD brain and the result is too much thinking. Not good.

Today, we worked on wiring some positive pre-routine routines, if you will. Turns out the pre-routine routines are just as important as the gymnastic routine itself. Today a team got better by building better brains. The best brains trust their training and the result is the kinda performance we hardly remember but can’t forget.

Hardly remember but can’t forget.

Whatever it is you’re trying to master, remember, you’ve got to train your brain to believe. You’ve got to trust your training and tune in to your prospect with zero fear. You’ve got to tune into your teammate, resident, or family member. You’ve got to pre-load your response to the dessert tray, remember, prior it showing up table side. Train your brain, friend. Train your brain. Who knows, you just may nail your next routine, spreadsheet, deal, meeting, prospect, or proposal. Good…

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