Time to give…

This morning a friend called to tell me to look up. Literally, he told me to look up as I sat in a Timmyho’s drive thru waiting for my coffee. So, I looked up and there it was – the most beautiful moon. It looked like someone had just painted some light clouds around it to give it almost a halo effect. Beautiful.

As we continued to talk on my way to practice one for the day, he reminded me of some of my, God given gifts. Yesterday, I thought to myself as he spoke, another friend called to lift me up similarly. Two mornings. Two calls. Two friends taking time to lift me up. Two friends expressing gratitude for our friendship. A Duchenne smile, slowly spread across my face as my heart soaked up the gifts of gratitude that had been so generously given.

Today, as you find yourself in your moments of in between, take some time and give courage to a friend. Life is hard. Your friends are hurting and mostly holding it in. Everyone, as my friend John Mellencamp says, just needs a hand to hold onto. Give someone a helping hand. For many all it takes is a word or two, a few moments of your time, and a listening heart. Give this gift, today, friend.

Remember, none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Give today. God, help me give as you have so generously, abundantly, and graciously given. God, help me look up and take the time to receive the glorious gifts of you and your creation. God, help me receive. And, help me remember to not be a cul de sac but, instead, a conduit and pass ’em along. God, help me take the time to give. Time to give. Good…

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