Play time…

Today, during practice 11 with a team of gymnasts, I told a story about the power of measuring backward. I told them I see this story of “I can’t climb, I can’t jump, I can’t do it, I can’t change, and I can’t whatever.” I hear this story all the time. And, it’s mostly not true. I told this team the story of my friend, Churp, climbing up toward Mont Blanc in the fabulous, French Alps. He kept telling himself, “I can’t climb,” and so he quickly slowed once his teammates were out of sight up the road. One day I decided to wait for the young Churp and ride with him and a funny thing happened – he kept up. Not only did he keep up with me but we gained ground on our friends. I didn’t talk him into it. I didn’t say anything. All I did was go back and “be with.” FM, baby…

Don’t leave a teammate behind, friend. Everybody hurts. Everybody has days where they don’t have their best stuff. Everybody struggles. Slow down and encourage a teammate. Listen. Grab a hand. Who knows, they just might pick you up on another day. Good.

We finished practice 11 in St. John’s arena by reminding each other that tomorrow’s competition is play time. Yes, tomorrow is play time. Every meet is not go time. Every meet is play time, same as practice. Everyday, in this work called BTL, I get to play with people like you, I reminded ’em. I get to play with people who are trying to achieve something special in work/life. I get to help people perform at their peak. What fun. Everyday, I get to play. You do too. Tomorrow, go out there and remember the joy of competing and performing. Replace the “I can’t” script with “I get to.” I get to play. Keep working. Keep laughing. Keep lending a hand. Remember to keep your eye’s on your Mont Blanc while measuring your progress by looking backward and realizing how far you’ve come. Measure back. Keep reaching and dreaming big. Measure back.

Remember, the joy of competing and performing is play time. Go time is play time. Good…

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