Playing together…

Yesterday, a team of OSU women gymnasts experienced the joy of playing together. Miss and I had the pleasure of watching and applauding. These athletes are amazing to watch and I highly recommend those of you in central Ohio making the trip down to St. John’s arena and cheering them on. They are fun to watch. These athletes are beginning to believe. Yesterday, they made believers out of the University of Michigan – talk about some tough converts!

You see, these young women kinda remind me of Alexander the Great. Let me briefly explain. Alexander, way back in the day, had a pair of coaches. Aristotle taught young Alex how to think, while Telamon taught him how to act. Alex went on to conquer the world. These young women are learning what Alex and all of us can’t forget if we want to conquer anything out there – “The first and best victory is to conquer self.” Thank you, Plato.

Thanks for the shout out as you celebrated your victory yesterday, team of gymnasts. Thank you, Alexander, Aristotle, Telamon, and Plato for modeling the way. Thank you CBear for your belief and for giving your belief to your team. Enjoy yesterday’s victory over the worthy foe from up north. Savor this. Smile. Enjoy the moment. You earned this victory. Good…

And, come Monday, return to your gymnasium with a little added bounce in your step. Allow the positive momentum to carry you forward. And, remember, the enabler for exterior excellence comes from a commitment to internal excellence – the continued aim for victory within. So, we’ll see you at practice 12 next week. We’ll keep working on improving our thinking and our execution. We’ll keep working. We’ll keep practicing. And, in our minds, we’ll keep reminding ourselves that it’s not work and it’s not practice. In our minds – it’s play. Who knows what this team will conquer as they learn to play together.

What might you conquer with your team if you learned to play, really play, to your potential? Who knows what might be possible if you played together as one. Working together is alright but playing together, that’s the berries. Aim higher my modern day Alexander’s and Alexi’s. Aim higher. Let’s build some teams that play together and perform with smiles. Let’s play together.

Playing together. Good…

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