Calmly keep it coming…

High performer think alike. High performers don’t panic when pushed. High performers don’t fast forward to how this might affect the outcome they’re after. High performers want to win, don’t get me wrong. They fix the mind, however, on seeing the tough moment as an adventure and embrace the unknown regarding how it will end. High performers remain calm and keep coming, if you will. This mindset leads the adventurous mind to keep attacking instead of absorbing. The enemy to high performance is fear based playing it safe. Stop playing it safe and defensive. You were not meant to absorb and passively allow life to beat you down.

You are meant to attack, get after it, take risks, and make something happen. Your work and life is an adventure. None of us knows how the story’s gonna play out. Embrace this. Smile in your toughest test. Adventure calls. Respond. Calmly keep it coming. Keep coming. This weekend I saw examples of calm in the midst of competitive conflict. I saw some wilt and absorb passively. I saw some calmly keep coming. I saw young Nate (OSU 133lb stud) come out prepared and pick his competitor apart, calmly, consistently, attacking. You knew the ending within moments of the beginning. Nate, you see, couldn’t wait for the adventure of a top rated opponent. You could see him relish this test. He smelled an adventure and he was ready. He had prepared. Calmly he kept coming. Good.

Have you built a belief system that attacks or passively absorbs? Adventure or play it safe? You choose. Your choices have consequences. Of course it helps to be prepared…

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