Hard fun…

Eustressed out? You stressed out? Most of would answer, huh, to the first and hell yeah to the second.

Eustress comes from the combo of the Greek eu for “well being” and stress. From your brains perspective eustress and it’s negative cousin (distress) are identical. Both produce adrenaline, activate our reward circuits, and send blood rushing to our brain and extremities – it’s go time. What’s different is the mindset.

You see, when we’re afraid of failure and feeling overwhelmed, this neurochemical bath doesn’t make us happy – oh contraire, it makes us mad, want to escape, shut down or smoke/drink something to take our mind off it. Not good. During eustress, however, we aren’t afraid or negative Nellie. Our mind thinks we’ve generated this challenge on purpose and we’re prepared. So, we’re more confident, optimistic, and ready to roll. When we choose our hard fun, we likee. And, the neurochemical bath promotes a full effort, exhilaration, and pure joy, especially when we perform as we’ve practiced.  “When can we do that again :), our eustressed mind exclaims!! Good.

Remember, friend, it’s a fine line between eustressed out and you stressed out.

Your mindset matters. See the challenge ahead as just that, a challenge designed to make you better. Don’t allow your mind to make it more. Keep working the problem and chipping away at it. It won’t be long before you’re gonna be throwing your hands high in the air, not unlike the victorious grappler or the gymnast who just stuck her landing. You see, hard fun produces an important emotional benefit – it’s called fiero. Fiero is what you feel when you triumph over a worthy challenge. Universally, humans raise their arms high over head and yell when experiencing fiero. Wouldn’t if feel mighty fine to experience more fiero at your place of work? You can, you’ve just got to focus your mindset. Good.

This week, tell yourself to enjoy some hard fun when facing your challenge. Don’t let you mind make it more. Chip away. Baby step into it. You’ll see. Hard fun is good for you. See how much better that sounds than hard work? Good. Go get you some; eustress, that is…

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