Nothing worth possessing…

Tonight, Kyle shared his story with a team of grapplers and gymnasts. Kyle is a crazy client of mine. He runs one of the most successful real estate firms in our fine city. He’s not about the land, however. This man simply sees his winning land deals as enabling his ability to fight cancer. His purpose is to, one day, end pediatric cancer. He saved his son through his fight to win mentality. His book, appropriately titled Fight to Win, tells the story of his sons fight to beat stage IV cancer.

Whatever challenge you’re facing, friend, remember nothing worth possessing has ever been given. Fight for what you want. Fight. Whatever it is your fighting, it’s not as daunting as what fifteen year old Tyler faced. Widen your perspective. See the blessing beyond the curse. Talk to a teammate. And, grit your teeth. Remember Churchill’s good advice, “When you find yourself in Hell – keep going.”

Nothing worth possessing has ever been given. Good…

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