This morning, I held practice with a 90 year old named Jim Lorimer. Jim & Arnold Schwarzenegger have been partners since way back in the day. The Arnold Sports Festival, now held on every continent, was their big dream to bring fitness awareness to the world back in the 80’s and is still alive today. Everytime Jim and I practice, I walk away with more learning than I leave. Today was no exception.

“Strive for perfection but settle for excellence,” is one of Jim’s leadership mantra’s. I’d never heard it put quite that way until today. How much better would your system perform if the settling was for excellence, friend? How much better would you be if you kept striving for perfection? Remember, the elite are hardest on themselves without getting down on themselves. Jim and I always share laughs and learnings when we practice together. He’s way too complimentary and appreciative of our work together.

Both he and his son, Bob, make me want to be better. You see, friend, nothing makes your partners want to strive and reach toward being better, than the gift of your belief. Kinda like the story from Batman earlier today in practice 191 when he talked about the gift of kman’s belief. Kman’s belief has got Batman striving and stoking his own fire. Kman’s belief is the gift that keeps on giving. The same can be said for you, leader.

Remember, leader, your job is to strive for perfection and settle for excellence. Do not allow your team to settle for less. Believe enough to push them for more. Not to overwhelm or overwork but to make them do what they can – to make them reach to the fullest of their God given potential.

Strive for perfection. Settle for excellence. Thanks, Jim. “I’ll be back!” Good…

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